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Monogramming Information

Mongramming Tips and Policies:


Monogramming is free at Gifts From A to Zebra unless otherwise specified.
Traditional Monogram (Used for Women & Men)

List monogram initials in the order of First, LAST, Middle.  Example:  Lea Ann Brown's monogram would be LBA and you would list the initials in this order.

The traditional monogram style looks like this:   LBA

Same Size Monogram (Typically used for Men)

If you would like your monogram to be done with all three letters the same size and in all caps, please select the Block Monogram font.  Be sure to list initials in the order that you would like them to appear.  For this style monogram, the letters should be placed in the order of First, Middle, Last.  Example:  John Richard Green's monogram would be JRG and you would list the initials for in this order. 

This monogram style looks like this:   JRG

Please note:
  • Interlocking Monogram is normally used for females only. With both the Interlocking and Round Monograms, the last name will be the largest letter in the center.
  • The Round Monogram can be used for both males and females.
  • Cursive lettering is for full names, dates, or written text.
  • Greek lettering is normally used for sorority and fraternity symbols.
  • All crystal and embroidered items will be personalized as they are shown in the photograph.  

Please Note:  All personalized jewelry and gifts are non-returnable. If the products are damaged (see Damaged Goods below), they will be replaced using the exact engraving as the original order. If there is a change in the engraving, it will be charged as a new item. Please contact if you have any questions.